Imagine House is a sort of clubhouse for creators of art in the fantasy genre, founded by Crystal MM Burton and Jae Dawn, both authors and avid lovers of fantasy. We offer indie creators a support system and a “home” (imprint, if you will) for their work. This means that we do not take money from creators, but we also do not provide any free services or marketing like those a publisher might offer. As a club, we simply share in promoting each other and helping out where we can through advice, experience, and teamwork.


We started Imagine House as a home for our indie books. Being an indie author can be a very lonely existence, and we felt we could do more as a community than as individuals. The same goes for any creators of art. Through the shared imprint, or clubhouse, we help promote each other and build each other up. But, we wanted to do more. That’s why Imagine House is now also a fantasy community on Facebook aimed at bringing fantasy lovers together in one place.


The Fantasy Fandom Forum FB group is completely free for any and all fantasy lovers. This is a safe, helpful, active community where we can share in our joy and passion for all things fantasy. There is no submission process, no acceptance or rejection letters, and no risk. Just hang out, have fun, share the love, and even learn something new!



We currently only offer proofreading services. Though we don’t design book covers or offer editing services at this time, we know some great people who do, so don’t hesitate to ask for a referral. Whether you have a novel, short story, or children’s book, we can help you polish it up with thorough proofreading. Check out our services page for more information.


As we’ve said, we’re simply a club that has come together under an imprint name. However, we are currently only taking creators on a case-by-case basis. Although our selection process is limiting, we feel it’s the best way to allow us to grow at a rate we can handle that benefits everyone the most.