Our debut novel, Phoenix Always, will take you on a suspenseful journey as Phoenix Maison struggles to break the immortal curse she’s under. Bloodless bodies, mysterious Gypsies, unsettling discoveries—the French Quarter has never held so many secrets!


Our second novel, Live & Learn, is perfect for lovers of questing parties and dungeon crawlers. Many efforts are being made to raise the dead god Valdaar, and this unlikely band of heroes launches themselves on an epic journey to save The Land from his chaotic grasp.


Our first children’s book, Mommy, What Is the Moon?, will show your little ones the fun they can have using their imagination on something as simple as the moon. This book is available in both English and Spanish.

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M.W. King brings mystery to the fantasy genre with her sci-fi short “Trace of the Missing Criminals.” The crime rate is less than 3%, criminals are going missing, and Mayor Castelucci has been in office for twelve years. What is he hiding? Read the story to find out!

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When we’re not busy wrangling children, writing books, or working hard, we like to share our thoughts with the world. Check out these blogs from our writers:


Jae’s blog, Born Lost, will take you on a journey through the ups and downs of her life as she struggles to find herself.

Crystal’s blog is full of her flash fiction, recorded dreams, and helpful writing and editing tips.

Michelle’s blog (M.W. King) is still new, but it will follow her adventures and experiences through writing and life.